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Growing up most of my family vacations where historical ones. My aunt would always take us to museums and historical places opening up worlds from the past. This is where all my inspiration starts. I’m naturally a crafty person as well, so I put the two together to create my interpretation of jewelry. Last summer, 2019, me and my sister, Caitlyn Adkins, decided to start making jewelry from the bison bones we found around my home. My husband and I are caretakers of a bison farm here in West Virginia. Since then I’ve run away with the idea and have expanded it to natural shed deer antlers, honey bees from our own hives, and naturally found flowers and insects from our home. Each one of my pieces is one of a kind. Sometimes it is hard for me to let some go because I know I can never make another exactly same, I know call me selfish.
I truly feel it is a blessing to be able to create and share my pieces as a small income to help me stay home as a full-time mommy, wife, and farmhand.
So a huge sincere thank you for your support and interest in my creations.
~Natalie Rowe of Bison Beauties.

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Resin Honeybee & Bead Necklace
  • $20.00
Resin Honeybee & Comb Necklace
  • $18.00
Floral Resin Earrings
  • $15.00
Pansy Resin Earrings
  • $15.00
Teardrop Resin Earrings I
  • $15.00
Chick Resin Earrings II
  • $12.00
Chick Resin Earrings I
  • $12.00
Pink Resin Teardrop Earrings
  • $15.00
Pink Floral Resin Drop Earrings
  • $15.00
Resin Hoop Earrings
  • $15.00