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Silver Market Co. happened by accident, and coincidentally became my silver lining. I grew up inheriting homesteading techniques from women in my family who learned them out of necessity rather than hobby. To honor these women, and our heritage, I've incorporated the skills they taught me into products of my own. Since becoming established in 2016, Silver Market Co. has grown from a little farmers market stand in New Haven, West Virginia to a nationwide platform.

Silver Market Co. handcrafts skincare products made from 100% raw and natural ingredients. Our products are free of toxins, parabens, GMOs, sulfates, artificial dyes and fragrances. Crafted for sensitive and problematic skin, we use only the finest ingredients including pure therapeutic grade essential oils, earth clays, herbs, and botanicals.

We're located in the heart of Appalachia where two rivers meet. On the banks of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Silver Market Co. has found joy and possibility in creating a sustainable and community-driven business model. We planted our roots where it was hardest for us to grow, but we're sharing an experience with the people we love most in a place we've always called Home.

Our mission is to create practical, ethical, and effective products and to inspire others in our area, or elsewhere, to begin a creative journey of their own. We wish to create and be the type of industry we wish to see in our region, pushing the standards and boundaries of business and community.

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Rainbow Eucalyptus Sea Salt Scrub
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