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Joannie's Decorative Painting

Joan Mullins is an artist and craftsperson from the western part of West Virginia. Her grandfather was a photographer and her grandmother worked in watercolors. She was always fascinated by the artistry they brought from and to their projects.

In 1980, she graduated from Marshall University with a Masters of Art (MA) in Art Education. It wasn't until 1984 that she took a "tole" painting class and found that she liked to do small detailed work and fell in love with the new acrylics and brushes that came out at the time. 

In 1985 she obtained a business license and started selling crafts part-time under the name "Joannie". She likes to think that her work brings to mind good memories and an uplifting feeling to the buyers of her art. 

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Huntington WV Chalkboard Magnets
  • $3.00
I (heart) Huntington Magnet
  • $3.00

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Hand Painted Sunflower Wine Glass
  • $16.00
Hand Painted Grape Wine Glass
  • $20.00
Hand Painted Wisteria Wine Glass
  • $20.00
Hand Painted Glass Bowl- Grapes
  • $20.00
Hand Painted Glass Cube Container- Grapes
  • $20.00