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Mary Ellen Shank of Maybloom discussing her work:

"For the past several years I have been focusing on dichroic glass, in particular, engraving on several layers of glass and placing the layers together then firing it in a kiln. The result is a three-dimensional design that allows the viewer to see through all three layers.

Each piece is completely different and has its own beauty, color, and style. This is my unique way to draw on glass and because it fires in a kiln the results are somewhat what I planned with that element of surprise that firing glass always produces."

13 products found in Maybloom

Glass Mushroom Yard Art
  • $49.00
Dichroic Dot Earrings
  • $12.00
Dichroic Glass Button Earrings
  • $20.00
Tussie Mussie Lapel Vase Pin
  • $16.00
Dichroic Glass Necklace
  • $26.00
Glass Dangle Dot Earrings
  • $15.00
Abalone Wire Wrap Earrings
  • $16.00
Purple Glass Necklace
  • $35.00
Dichroic Glass Necklace VIII
  • $35.00
Layered Dichroic Glass Earrings III
  • $35.00
Dichroic Stopper - Green/White
  • $59.00
Aqua Layered Dichroic Glass Post Earrings
  • $20.00
Light Green Dichroic Glass Dangle Earrings
  • $35.00