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Appalachian Botanical Co. is growing lavender on reclaimed coal mine land in Ashford, Boone County. We are a for-profit West Virginia LLC founded in 2018.

Our mission is simple: we are building a profitable botanical enterprise that puts West Virginians and reclaimed coal mine land back to work.

Some call this a “triple bottom line” business model, where positive impacts on people, profit, and the planet are valued equally. Visit for more information on its mission.

5 products found in Appalachian Botanical Co.

Lavender Sachet
  • $5.99
Lavender-Sage Massage Oil (4 fl. oz.)
  • $19.99
Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray (4 fl. oz.)
  • $10.99
Lavender Sage Mist 4 fl oz
  • $15.69
Lavender Vanilla Mist 4 fl. oz.
  • $16.99