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I handcraft functional items from local Appalachian hardwoods. I strive to produce quality products for my customers and offer them at reasonable prices.

All cutting boards are finished with a food-grade finish on both sides. Many of our boards are designed with a groove cut around the edge to collect juices, eliminating the mess caused by cutting foods such as meats, tomatoes, and pineapple on a flat board.

11 products found in Paul's Specialties

Cutting Board Finish
  • $4.50
Handled Mini Boards
  • $15.00
Bread-Shaped Mini Boards
  • $15.00
Large Charcuterie Board
  • $31.00
9x14 Wood Cutting Board w/Hole
  • $29.00
12x18 Cutting Board
  • $48.00
9x20 Wood Serving Tray w/Rounded Handles
  • $40.00
7x11 Cutting Board
  • $19.00
12x18 Cutting Board with Side Handle
  • $52.00
7x11 Cutting Board w/Hole
  • $21.00
7x18 Wood Serving Tray
  • $31.00