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You might be wondering how we got our start. Simple, really. Soap.

Our first batch, “relax,” was a blend of vanilla, lavender, and other spices. Despite the minor discussion on which of us would test it first, the difference in skin texture and softness after one visit to the shower was immediate. It sealed our fate -- going back to off-the-shelf-mass-produced soap was not an option.

Within two short years, our single scent has grown to more than 50. In many instances, our customers have shared their “scented” memories with us – allowing us to create unique blends of which many are Wild Mountain best-sellers.

So, yes, we might have been born from the hills of West Virginia where the pace of life is just a little slower, but not for Wild Mountain Soap Company. What began as a kitchen-table business outgrew the kitchen long ago.

We invite you to experience first-hand the benefits of our natural soaps and other products -- the way it should be made – with simple ingredients, by our hands.

Phillip and Mary… two West Virginia artisans.

17 products found in Wild Mountain Soap Company

Roll-On Body Oil - .25 oz.
  • $10.00
Lip Balm
  • $3.00
Ugly Bucket
  • $15.00
Hillbilly Hippy Bar Soap
  • $9.00
Squatch Bar Soap
  • $10.00
Blackberry Sage Bar Soap
  • $9.00
Honeysuckle Bar Soap
  • $9.00

Sold out

Hand and Body Lotion - 8 oz.
  • $11.00
Cedar & Saffron Bar Soap
  • $8.50
Lavender Lemongrass Bar Soap
  • $9.00
Vanilla Sandalwood Bar Soap
  • $9.00
Autumn in Appalachian Bar Soap
  • $9.00
Body Butter
  • $8.00
Appalachian Outdoors Bar Soap
  • $9.00
Tobacco Bay Bar Soap
  • $9.00
Pumpkin Marshmallow
  • $9.00
Brown Sugar & Fig Soap Bar
  • $9.00