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Hey, everyone! My name is Shelly. I was born and raised in WV.
    Growing up I spent a lot of time repurposing things to create new things. Not much has changed. There is sooo much waste now. And it makes me feel good to create something with objects that would’ve been thrown out. A drop in the bucket, I know, but still a drop…
     I also love taking things meant for one specific purpose and using them in a completely different and unexpected way.
  I sincerely hope others enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making them.

7 products found in RE~Invented

Scrabble Earrings - MU Basketball
  • $18.00
Cassette Tape Wallet
  • $32.00
Hardware Earrings: Black and Orange
  • $20.00
Hardware Earrings: Black and Blue
  • $20.00
Hardware Earrings: Black and Green II
  • $20.00
Hardware Earrings - Copper Danglies
  • $20.00
Hardware Earrings - Black, Silver & Blue
  • $20.00