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I’m just “a guy” that got into making jewelry out of coins as a hobby. As I learned the hobby and began making several pieces to give away to friends and relatives for birthdays and other events, I realized this could be a viable business and that others may enjoy owning a piece of what I love to do. Making Cent$ was born.

I truly enjoy crafting jewelry from a small piece of history. Cons speak to us about our pasty. Why should they stay in a purse or pocket?

5 products found in Making Cents

West Virginia Quarter Lapel Pin - NRG
  • $10.00
West Virginia Silver Quarter Hoop Earrings
  • $20.00
West Virginia Disk Earrings
  • $25.00
West Virginia Quarter Lapel Pin - Harpers Ferry
  • $10.00
Kennedy Half Dollar Disk Earrings
  • $25.00