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West Virginia has a strong storytelling tradition. Nowhere is that more evident than our wide range of cryptids. You may know the Mothman but he's just the beginning. Grafton and Flatwoods have their monsters too, plus there's the Snarly Yow, the Grinning Man, Sheepsquatch, Bat Boy, and more. Whether you're looking for something whimsical (Flatwoods Monster and Mothman sharing a WV hotdog, anyone?) or would like to take a deeper dive into the myths, legends, and even anatomy of these mystical creatures, The Red Caboose is your home for all things cryptid.

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Wild & Wonderful Cryptid Sticker
  • $3.50
Mothman Selfie Sticker
  • $3.50
Squatch Bar Soap
  • $10.00
Live Laugh Lurk Magnet
  • $3.00
Live Laugh Lurk Patch
  • $6.00
Lurkin' for the Weekend Sticker
  • $3.50
West Virginia Cryptids Magnet
  • $3.50
Monsters & Ghosts of West Virginia
  • $9.95
Mothman Polaroid Sticker
  • $4.00
Mothman Enamel Pin
  • $8.00
Mothman Pride Sticker
  • $4.00
Cryptids of WV Map Art Print 11x17
  • $18.00
Flatwoods Monster and UFO Enamel Pin Set
  • $10.00
Holographic Sasquatch Trailblazer Sticker
  • $3.50
Mothman Jack-O-Lantern Sticker
  • $3.50
Mothman Magnet
  • $5.00
Flying High Mothman Sticker
  • $3.50
Big Book of West Virginia Ghost Stories
  • $19.95