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I have grown to learn that no matter how many miles away you are from the state you will always be a West Virginian. This project started out as a way for me to get in touch with my West Virginia roots. I was born and raised in the state and grew to love every beautiful quirk it had to offer. When talking to friends and family about this project, I began to realize that it is more than just a way for me to design and sell shirts is was a way for me to express my love for this beautiful state.

30 products found in Loving WV

Buffalo Tee
  • $26.00
The Buffalo Sticker
  • $4.00
WV State Seal Sticker
  • $4.00
Truth is Out There Sticker - Glow in the Dark
  • $4.00
West Virginia Scratch Off Map
  • $20.00
Biscuit Sticker
  • $4.00
Country Roads Take Me Home Sticker
  • $4.00
The Truth is Out There Speckled Tee
  • $28.00
WV Hot Dog Sticker
  • $4.00
Save the Hellbender Sticker
  • $4.00
Pontoon Sticker
  • $4.00
Appalachian Pride Hat
  • $30.00
Appalachian Pride Sticker
  • $4.00
Y'all Sticker
  • $4.00
Wild & Wonderful Tee
  • $24.00
Baby Flatwoods Christmas Ornament
  • $10.00
West Virginia State Seal Patch
  • $6.00
Herd You Like Sticker
  • $4.00