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Kin Ship Goods started with one t-shirt design and enough money to screenprint a shirt. When someone bought that shirt, owners Dan Davis and Hillary Harrison used the money to buy and print another shirt. It kept going like that for a few years in Louisville KY.

When Kin Ship outgrew their spare bedroom studio in 2014, Dan and Hillary moved the operation closer to family in Hillary’s home state of West Virginia. Putting down roots in the brick and mortar shop in Charleston’s Elk City neighborhood, Kin Ship is run with the help of a small and scrappy crew.

Be nice. Stay cozy.

Kin Ship Goods

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Trash Family T-Shirt
  • $30.00
Almost Heaven T-Shirt
  • $30.00
High on the Mountain Top Sticker
  • $4.00
WV Ex-Pat Keychain
  • $8.00
Cartooner Enamel Pin Set
  • $18.00
Hot Spots Tee
  • $30.00
Love to the Max Tee
  • $30.00
Take The Trails T-Shirt
  • $30.00
Good Stuff Sticker
  • $4.00
Fireflies Tee
  • $30.00
Boot Scootin' Enamel Pin
  • $10.00