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Elisha Rush is an artist, designer, and all-around oddball currently living in Morgantown, WV. Elisha's hillbilly upbringing mixed with a love of animals and cartoons have lent themselves to her unique visual style. After obtaining the lengthiest degree title she could find from West Virginia University (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design, Concentration - Intermedia in case you were wondering), Elisha worked at a small sign shop located in Grafton, WV. It was here that she started to dabble in vector artwork, graphics for large-scale print, and custom t-shirt design. From there she continued creating graphics for print and web, as well as crafting custom illustrations to pair with them. She is an active member of the Morgantown Collage Collective as well as Arts Monongahela's Arts Collaborative Committee.

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Decay All Day Sticker
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Decay All Day Mushroom Art Print - 5" x 7"
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Moonshiners Lament Art Print - 5" x 7"
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