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I'm a jeweler, painter, and all-around art maker. When I'm out and about and my view from my mountain top I call home. As I gaze from my porch I notice a honey bee land on my butterfly bush. These are the moments I LOVE. It's the simple things. Maybe something pleasant- such as a single word to remind us that we need to take a break from it all and celebrate- I dunno. Back to the bee. I'm thinking about her journey, her life as a simple worker bee. There she is, focused with the utmost intent on the present, collecting pollen for her colony. Made me think?..of how humble she was. Her job is super important and she humbly obliges....and BAM! There it is- I visualize a painting with a bee and the word humble scribed below. That's how my creative process works. Something catches my eye then another sense takes over and adds to the experience and what you see below are the finished works of art.

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Cardinal Enclosure Card
  • $1.25
Almost Heaven Enclosure Card
  • $1.25
Believe In Yourself Enclosure Card
  • $1.25
Celebrate Greeting Card
  • $2.95